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Click here for a Completed Example.

A Personal Wellness & Exercise Goals Contract

If you know anything about the construction process, then you must know that all structures require a strong and stable foundation. Without a foundation, the building would crumble at the slightest shift in the earth or unexpected event provided by Mother Nature.

The same is true when it comes to your wellness and fitness goals. You have to start with a solid foundation before you can construct the “building.” You would not attempt to go run a marathon without the proper training and conditioning, or go play in the championship basketball game without a single team practice. This blank wellness & fitness goal contract will help you create that strong foundation you need to achieve any wellness and exercise goals that are important to you.

How to Create A Wellness and Exercise Goal

Click Here to learn more about Goal Setting with a Health Coach

Click Here to learn more about Goal Setting with a Health Coach

First, write out your goal. I recommend weekly goals when starting on a new wellness or fitness journey; as time progresses then you will be better equipped to lengthen the duration of each goal. Remember that all goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific-There should be no “grey area” in your goal, short and to the point is best.
  • Measurable-Your goal should include concrete numbers, dates, or distances.
  • Attainable-Remember that success promotes adherence.
  • Realistic-If this goal is not humanly possible, then why waste your time?
  • Time-When is the specific date you will obtain your goal by.


Next, and one of the most important steps, come up with the two actions you will take to promote the achievement of the goal. These two actions must directly support the desired outcome.
(A.) Ask yourself how each task creates a positive step towards the goal.
(B.) Will you realistically be able to perform each one.
You will only be successful if you are able to feel confident in the achievement of your actions and the achievement of your wellness and exercise goals.

Now is the fun part! How will you reward your success? This can be a special treat, event, or an activity that you really enjoy but never seem to have time for. Don’t let yourself run wild with these rewards thought, you don’t want to reverse the results you worked so hard towards.

Click here for a Completed Example.

Click here for a Completed Example.

Please take note that there is not a “punishment” option on the contract. It is inevitable that there will not be perfect adherence to a wellness and fitness goal. This is a great time for self-reflection in determining why you didn’t reach the goal. Revisit the SMART goal analogy, and make changes where needed.

Put Your Goals Into Action!

Post your wellness and exercise goal contract in an effective place where you will see them daily. For example, if your goals have to do with food; you might want to post yours on the fridge. Having your goal posted in the open also lets others see you are working on improving your quality of life. This will create a positive support group around you. Support groups and people that are close to you are an integral part of any wellness and exercise goals.

If you find yourself struggling with the goal setting process, you are not alone. You can check out our example goal sheet, and if you still need more assistance you can always chat or call Wellness 52. I am a degreed and certified health coach who can help you every step of the way. We offer many different services along with a Free 30 minute Wellness Assessment. This is not a sales call, nor will you be pressured to purchase any services. Start Healthy today, and live healthy tomorrow!

Blaine Rucker is a health coach specializing in weight loss.

Blaine Rucker is a health coach specializing in weight loss.

Written by Blaine Rucker -
Visit Website
Skype: info.wellness52


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